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Our shop comprises of wide range of eye wear products and accessories. We store the finest products and offer them efficiently to our esteemed clientele. Our choice of brands are surely going to amaze our customers as we present a wide variety in it at variable price range. Below are our wide gamut of products


Frames play an important role in adding style to an eyewear. We offer mainly two types of frames to our customers, metal and shell. Our frames are of premium quality and superb in style.

Below mentioned are the sub categories available for these frames:

  • Supra frame
  • Rimless
  • Full frame

Brands available for frames at our showroom are

  • IDEE
  • Luxottica Group
  • Others

Contact Lens

In the 21st century contact lens has become a fashion statement for any individual who wants to get rid of glasses and wants to sport a without -eye wear look. We render only two kinds of optimum quality lenses they are Spherical contact lens and Toric contact lens.

The sub categories are mentioned below for these lenses

  • Disposable Lens
  • One day disposable
  • 15 days disposable
  • Monthly disposable
  • 2 weeks disposable lens
  • Half yearly disposable lens
  • Quarterly disposable lens
  • Colour Lens
  • Yearly Lens

Our showroom has a wide variety of contact lens for power and non -power glasses. The list are as follows

Ciba Vision

  • Focus (daily disposable)
  • Fresh look one day colour disposable
  • O2 optix (monthly disposable lens)
  • Air optix away (monthly disposable lens)
  • Optix Aqua (monthly disposable lens)
  • Air Optix Toric (monthly disposable lens)

Johnson & Johnson

  • One day acu vue moist (one day disposable lens)
  • Acu vue Oasys (HD) spherical lens (2 weeks disposable lens)
  • Acuvue 2 (2 weeks disposable lens)
  • Acuvue clear (1 month Disposable lens)
  • Acu vue Oasys (HD) toric lens (2 weeks disposable lens)

Bausch & Lomb

  • Soft Lens (daily disposable lens)
  • Sable lens (hydro gel)
  • Soft Lens 59 (monthly disposable lens)
  • Pure vision 2 Toric (silicone hydro gel) (monthly disposable lens)
  • Soft Lens Toric (monthly disposable lens)
  • Clear Vision Toric (silicone hydro gel) (monthly disposable lens)
  • Soft lens multi-focal (monthly disposable lens)
  • Optima Natural Look (monthly disposable lens)
  • Optima 38 (yearly disposable lens)
  • i- Connect (monthly disposable lens)
  • B/U/HO (yearly disposable lens)

Silk Lens

  • Silk lens aqua hydra (monthly disposable lens)
  • Aqua soft visible (yearly disposable lens)
  • Aqua soft S1 & S2 (yearly disposable lens)
  • Bio clear toric (monthly disposable lens)
  • Silk lens colour (yearly disposable lens)
  • Iris natural colour (half yearly disposable lens)

Contact Lens Solution

While using a contact lens, a person requires to keep them completely clean. For proper maintenance, contact lens solutions are a must. Our showroom sells premium quality contact lens solutions to our valuable clients at affordable prices. The bottles are available in 30 ml to 200ml. Our range are as follows

  • Alcon - Optifree
  • Bosch & Lombh
  • Renufresh
  • Renu sensitive
  • Renu bio-true
  • Renu multiplus lubricating eye drop
  • Silk Lense

  • Other Brands


Sunglasses are an important accessory and our professionals understand the need for sunglasses and the style statement that the right pair of glares can make. To suit the taste of our customers, we have prepared a fine range of glares which are as follows

  • Ray Ban
  • Fastrack
  • Velocity
  • IDEE
  • FCUK & Others

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